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At Conference Merit, we have an entire team of dedicated researchers that does nothing but compile information about corporate services decision makers. Interviews, online questionnaires, research of corporate materials the job is endless, but the hard work pays off when our clients discover the benefits of knowing exactly who to talk to when it comes to planning . Get your services proposal fast-tracked when you go straight to the decision making source.

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  • Data Lists

    Our Lists

    The business data universe within the USA is suggested (by different data list brokers) to comprise anything from 5 million to 7.5 million records...
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  • B2B Data Lists

    B2B Data Lists

    Only a handful of corporate companies within the USA would wish to market to such a high volume of all two million prospects, so the key to...
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  • Enhance Yor Database

    Enhance Yor Database

    If you have a basic database of company names and addresses then why not enhance your data to identify key profiling variables and...
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  • High Level Data Counts

    High Level Data Counts

    Conference Merit have the ability to electronically cleanse your database, which is not only cost effective but also time saving. As an added...
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  • Data List Contact Names

    Data List Contact Names

    When running any form of marketing campaign, it is one thing to target the right companies but another issue to get the right contact...
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  • Data List Premise Types

    Data List Premise Types

    Did you know that data can be selected (or excluded) by premise type? Specifically this is the type of building a company trades from...
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  • Internet Based Marketing

    Internet based marketing

    Digital/New media marketing. Internet based marketing services including: Ready to go or bespoke internet marketing/E-commerce...
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  • Market Research

    Market Research

    Conference Merit will optimise you marketing through systematically gathering, recording and analysing data and information about...
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  • Data Sourcing

    Data Sourcing

    Whether you have a direct mail campaign, your own sales team or even an online store, we can provide you with B2B data that...
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  • Business Mailing Lists

    Business Mailing Lists

    One of the most relevant selection criteria for business lists is the number of employees. Whilst the employee count of a...
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  • Buy a Targeted Mailing List

    Buy a Targeted Mailing List

    With some 7.5 million mailing list records available to choose from within the USA universe, just which ones would you want...
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  • Email Lists

    Email Lists

    Over the last few years there has been a massive increase in the desire to source quality email lists for direct marketing...
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  • Marketing Data Lists

    Marketing Data Lists

    A marketing data list is a proven element in attracting new customers for your business. However, the success of your...
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  • Prospect Database

    Prospect Database

    A (b2b) prospect database is an electronic file which maintains records of the companies your organisation would potentially...
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  • Prospect List

    Prospect List

    A business prospect list is a collection of company names, addresses and other contact details hosted in a database form...
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Benefits of working with us

      • Speed of service - we understand that you have marketing deadlines.
      • Fair price policy - quotes are clear and concise so there are no surprises.
      • Data quality - we guarantee that more than 98% of information is accurate.
      • We understand your needs - supplying data that provides the most benefit.
      • Experience - we have more than 10 years of data marketing experience.

What our Clients Say

Great sessions. Really got a very good List and the Data Quality was quite nice
Pete Boggs