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B2B data lists

Whether you have a direct mail campaign, your own telemarketing team or even an online store, we can provide you with data heavily targeted around your chosen market. To ensure you only ever buy data you really want, we will help you to develop the correct data specification by selecting on such business data fields as Industry Type, Employees at Site, Premise Type and many more. Our prices are the most competitive in the market and we can even deliver your data Within the hour, contact us now for a quote.

Data Cleaning

From the moment you source any data it begins to decay. Thousands of pounds can be wasted every time you run a marketing campaign on an incorrect or decayed database, and you will also be damaging your company brand. Conference Merti have the ability to electronically clean your database, which is not only cost effective but also time saving. As an added bonus we append additional profiling fields to your database, at no extra cost.

Enhance Your Database

Our Data Enhancement solutions enrich your database with Data Appends that add greater detail about your customers to help you target them more effectively. Conference Merti Data retrieves information from multiple data sources, capturing more information which results in the highest quality of data available.

Internet based marketing

Conference Merti’s Internet Marketing services are offered either as individual projects with proven success rates in website traffic increases and optimised internet campaigns or to slot perfectly designed into our whole spectrum of direct marketing tools. Market research, data supply and cleanse, telemarketing as well as new media marketing all provide greater and more profitable ROI (Return On Investment) when used in tandem strategically with each other

High Level Data Counts

you can get full breakdown Count of the key profiling variables. It is important to establish the criteria of your key target market and then ultimately your market potential.

Data Sourcing

In the first instance Conference Merti would discuss with you to get to understand your product or service. From there we are able to research your market and your customers further – providing you with a profile of your target market. Then we build the scripts, import the correct data and embark on setting you the required number of records. We would like you to think of us as a tap, you can turn us on and off to suite your needs or leave us running to provide you with a steady flow of new business appointments.